Why offer a lease program?

Equipment leasing accounted for $226 billion or 30% of all business equipment investment according to estimates for 1999. Eight out of ten companies lease some or all of their equipment. If you are not offering leasing to your customers, someone else is!

Offering a lease program keeps you in control of the sale. It helps you to retain profit margins, offer one-stop shopping and close sales faster.

What type of equipment can be leased?

We can lease almost any type of capital equipment that a business would require. We are a small to mid ticket lessor offering financing for equipment ranging from $5M to $500M.  

Computers….Software…Energy Management….Furniture …..Medical Equipment…..Construction Equipment…. Telephone Systems……Printing….Fire & Safety Equipment…Landscaping….Woodworking Equipment…Printing Equipment

Special Programs?
  • Progress Payment Plan:  This allows you to receive a portion of the equipment cost prior to equipment delivery.
  • Used Equipment:  We can lease many types of used equipment. Terms to be discussed on a case by case basis.
  • Software Only Leasing:  We can provide software only leasing for established companies with good credit histories.
  • New Business Program:  We will look at new businesses with strong personal credit and an adder to the rate.
  • Seasonal Payments /Deferred Payment/ Step Leases:  We can structure leases to fit the needs of your customer.
  • Private Label Programs:  We can offer private label programs under your dealer name with a minimum monthly lease volume requirement.
What are the available lease plans?
  • Fair Market Value(FMV):  If your customer is worried about their equipment becoming obsolete this plan offers the most options. The customer can decide to upgrade (which is good for you the vendor), purchase or return the equipment.
  • $1.00 Buyout:  When the lease is up the customer can purchase the equipment for $1.00 ·
  • 10% Buyout:  At the end of the lease the purchase price of the equipment would be 10% of the original equipment cost.
For more information or to get started call us at (800) 786-0004 or click here to submit a vendor profile sheet online.