Leases enable businesses to acquire and use equipment while conserving cash flow and lines of credit. Leases can be structured as "off balance sheet" items and show strictly as an operating expense for the business. Leasing can also protect against equipment obsolescence by allowing for the return of the equipment to us at the end of the lease term.

Common Lease products we offer include:
  • Fair Market Value Lease (FMV). Also known as a "true lease," FMV offers low monthly payments. When the lease ends, you may choose from numerous end-of-lease options, including purchasing the equipment at its current fair market value, continuing the lease on a month-to-month basis, or returning the equipment. FMV can be a very attractive option if you want to keep your payments low while avoiding the risk of ownership and equipment obsolescence.
  • $1 Purchase Option Lease. At the end of the finance term, ownership of the equipment is transferred to you for only $1.
  • Fixed-Price Purchase Option Lease. This plan guarantees the end-of-lease purchase price. Of course, you may choose to return the equipment. The fixed-price purchase option plan offers end-of-lease flexibility while predetermining the end-of-lease purchase price for the equipment.