General Terms and Structures

  • Lines of Credit. If you regularly use financing to purchase equipment, we can offer your company a line of credit. Credit can be held open for six months and easily be extended at your request.
  • Master Loans or Leases. Making multiple purchases over a period of time? A master lease agreement simplifies documentation by requiring only a simple schedule for each additional equipment acquisition.
  • Seasonal Payment Schedules. If your business cycle generates significantly higher revenues during certain periods of the year, a seasonal payment schedule will help better manage your cash flow. By making payments during the months that generate most of your revenue, seasonal businesses save money by not using bank lines of credit to cover slow seasonal periods.
  • Step Payment Schedules. These payment structures start out low and increase after a certain period of time. They are ideal for growing of expanding businesses that anticipate increased revenues at a later time.
  • Deferred Payment Schedules. Deferred payments allow you a 30-, 60-, or 90-day deferment of the first monthly payment.
  • Progress Payments. If your equipment supplier requires a down payment or deposit before shipping or installing your equipment, we can provide advance funding according to the supplier's funding requirements. Combined with a deferred payment schedule, you can finance the upfront costs without making monthly payments until the equipment is ready to use.
  • No Money Down Structures. Some customers may qualify for zero-down financing. This true, 100 percent financing requires no advance payments. Your first payment will be due 30 days from the day your equipment is financed.
If you don’t find the structure you need, call us. We'll help you create a plan that helps you put equipment to work on your terms.